Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Hi! I'm Galaspar. I've decided to take my hobby in a new direction by embracing the the ethos and aesthetic of Oldhammer. Exactly what Oldhammer is, and what it means to me, is probably a subject for another post, but primarily it's about celebrating Citadel miniatures from the 1980's and early 90's, and rejecting the more recent trend for ever-larger war machines, tournaments and huge pitched battles. I'm starting by building and painting a hive gang, suitable for games of Necromunda, using figures from the Confrontation range circa 1988 and the Rogue Trader adventurer and mercenary lines. I already had a few of these models in my collection, sitting around unloved for twenty years or more, but a recent lucky find in a charity shop has bolstered their numbers with some rare and unusual figures.

I have a deep bitzbox of useful parts, and I'm aiming to build these models as dramatically as I can, while keeping the look appropriate for the era. I'll start with two of my favourite models, a Bounty Hunter and an Underhive Ganger (a precursor to the Necromunda Ratskins, sometimes known as a Dogskin):

Confrontation models shipped with a sprue of bare plastic arms, or (as in the case of the models I bought back in the day) the same clothed plastic arms as Imperial Guard figures of that time, along with a sprue of Imperial Guard las weapons. I've got a few of these parts around, but I want to avoid using them here, as they lack detail compared to the metal bodies, and tend to create static poses without much variety. When the models have got as much great detail as these, I also want to avoid closed poses (ie. holding a rifle across the chest) in favour of something much more open and dynamic. I'll add further posts as I build and paint this project.

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