Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Necromunda rules describe a Bounty Hunter as having a vast number of weapons, more than I could ever model on him, and I'm not keen to cover him guns either. This does mean that I can have him holding pretty much anything I like. This Bounty Hunter's head is slightly elevated, so he'd suit a weapon raised to the sky.

I've attached a Forgeworld resin chainsword to an Empire militia arm, and the other arm is from a modern Imperial Guard vehicle crewman, with a resin boltpistol also from Forgeworld. It pains me to cause permanent damage to such a venerable mini, but there's only one way to turn him into a robust gaming piece, so I drilled the shoulders and pinned the arms on.

Using the rules for a Ratskin Scout, the Dogskin can be armed with one of several basic (two-handed rifle-type) weapons, and a maul, bludgeon or axe. As he's largely bare-chested, unclothed arms would fit best, and a good source of these is the Empire Flagellant kit.

I've chosen an autogun, taken from a plastic chaos cultist from the Dark Vengeance set, with the chaos symbols and the supporting hand carved away. I kept the cultist's pistol grip hand, and grafted it to a flagellant arm just above the wrist bracer. The other arm already has a suitable spiked maul (which echoes the model's spiked collar), so I just cut away the distinctive chains from the bracer and maul base. There's a lot of movement in the pose, so I've tried to fit the arms to match, without letting them obscure the details of the face or chest.
More to come tomorrow!

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