Friday, 3 April 2015

The next two members of the gang don't need any construction.

On the left is a model from the Iron Claw Space Pirate line. She was called Loritta in GW flyers in the late 80's, although the her base tab simply reads Cybergirl. I figured she'd be a good fit for my gang as it'll mostly be Tech Gangers, and she's covered with quite subtle cybernetic enhancements. Certainly, it's nice to have a woman in a gang that's not the all-female Escher.

On the right is a Confrontation ganger whose tab calls him Elite, and he's got some swagger - a braided, fur-trimmed jacket over one shoulder, a finely-crafted flak jacket, and that snarling hound at his feet. He was almost certainly designed as a gang leader, although he might not end up in that role for me.

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